Hiding 1 Peter 1 in my heart

  • Posted on August 21, 2012 at 7:51 am

When I was a kid, I was super active in AWANA.  And I memorized a huge number of verses, in order to get various awards for my uniform and be the one that “finished my book” or did extra work, or whatever.  A lto fo times, I’m not sure what my motivation really was, other than it was just something I DID.  Part of who I was, at the time, I suppose.

But then i went to college.  And I was so busy stuffing my head with varying degrees of useless and useful knowledge, that I didn’t really have time for any kind of Bible memory.  Plus, you know, there were no awards, no one to pat me on the back if I got it right. BUT.  As I struggled to deal with the new culture I was in, as I dealt with friends going through hard times, and as I questioned my faith and tried to separate my faith from the faith of my parents…  those verses, the ones I had memorized for stickers and patches and trophies, kept coming back to me.  They had become part of me, and God spoke to me through them more times than I can count.

And now I’m an adult (don’t laugh). And I’ve plugged myself back into AWANA, I’ve been a Cubbie director for several years. I love the program, and I want other kids to have the same experiences I did with learning these verses…. but I haven’t been doing any of it myself.  I guess I was just having trouble being motivated, and kept telling myself that I can’t find the time.

And then I saw this challenge.  Memorize 1 Peter 1, in 13 weeks.  It’s not a lot of work each week, just a couple of verses.  I love the idea of getting back in the habit of memorization – and with Brianna starting Cubbies this year, it’ll be a good example for her as well.  So wish me luck!  I’ll be working on this through sometime in November – I’ll try to post progress updates to see how well I’m doing – even though there are no shiny awards at the end :-)

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