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30 things to do in my 30′s

  • Posted on April 19, 2012 at 12:24 pm

So after I posted all the stuff I did in my 20′s, I started thinking about what I want to do in the next ten years.  A little more definite that a bucket list, here’s 30 things I’d like to accomplish in my 30′s.

  1. Travel across the Atlantic.
  2. Enroll my kids in (public) school.
  3. Vacation without my kids (got this one covered, took a weekend earlier this month to go to Denver!)
  4. Get back in shape – not a number on the scale, but to a point I feel healthy.
  5. Learn to eat healthy.
  6. Teach my kids to like veggies (ha!)
  7. Buy new couches.
  8. Store/get rid of the last of the baby furniture.
  9. Get my hormones under control.
  10. Hang more art on my walls.
  11. Make more handmade gifts.
  12. Teach my kids to do chores.
  13. Finish learning how to keep up with the housework.
  14. Get promoted.
  15. Scuba dive.
  16. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (totally got this one in the bag, to – in September!).
  17. Find a good sleep schedule and stick to it.
  18. Be consistent with my skin care.
  19. Learn to bake real bread (the kind that requires yeast).
  20. Wear makeup to work more often – even if it’s just lipstick.
  21. Seek out at least one fun activity for the kids every month.
  22. Take blue bonnet pictures of my kids every year, like a real Texan.
  23. Crochet something that’s not square.
  24. Make my house the “fun” house for my kids and their friends.
  25. Take at least one trip a year to see friends or family not in our hometowns.
  26. Finally make it to Homecoming or Super Bulldog Weekend, with the kids.
  27. Take the kids on a road trip (or several).
  28. Go camping.
  29. Run a 5k.
  30. Run a 10k.

20 things I did in my 20′s

  • Posted on April 3, 2012 at 9:41 am
  1. Got engaged.
  2. Got my Bachelor’s degree.
  3. Married my best friend.
  4. Acquired a new set of family.
  5. Took my first cruise.
  6. Traveled outside the country.
  7. Learned to love usability.
  8. Got my Master’s Degree.
  9. Moved to Texas.
  10. Started work at Halliburton.
  11. Found a church home.
  12. Bought a house.
  13. Discovered I’m not ready for a PhD.
  14. Took my first Disney cruise.
  15. Evacuated from/survived a hurricane.
  16. Had a baby girl, only one day late for Chad’s “baby before he turns 30″ goal :-)
  17. Learned how to be a mom (still learning).
  18. Became an Aunt.
  19. Had another baby, this time a boy.
  20. Finally started learning how to keep up with the housework (also still a work in progress).

I’m starting my 30′s about 40 pounds heavier and a whole lot wiser than I started my 20′s – here’s hoping I start my 40′s a little more in shape, but even wiser still!