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MyGlam Bag: Review

  • Posted on May 20, 2012 at 9:25 am

So earlier this month I reviewed the New Beauty Test Tube, and mentioned i was trying several of these type services to see which one I liked best.  It turns out, all of the monthly subscription ones arrive at basically the same time in the month – pretty much all in the past week.  So I have several of thee posts coming up, where I’ll review first the service and then the products I was sent for May. In the meantime, I get to decide which service I’ll keep!

This particular beauty box is from myglam.  These subscription costs $10/month (which is pretty standard, and about as inexpensive as they come), and boxes are delivered towards the middle of the month.

First off, I totally need to know where to get these pink bubble mailers.  Because they are awesome.  Now that I got that out of the way… The make-up bag the samples came in is cute, but I can see where I might run out of uses for them if I got a new one every month.

I received a full size sample of rhinestone nail decals, two small make-up brushes, a full size lipstick, and a sample size fragrance. Which doesn’t seem like a lot when I compare it to the Test Tube, but this one is every month not every quarter.

So, on to the products:

Miss Beauty Nail Bling (full size)

You guys, rhinestone nails are just not my thing.  And my nails aren’t long enough for these particular designs, either.  I suppose that’s one of the things about these type bags, is that sometimes, you get products that just aren’t really things you use.  I gave them to a friend, though, and she said they were easy enough to apply and stayed on fairly well.

I can’t find them for sale anywhere, though (even from the myglam website!), so if you want to buy them, I have no idea what to even tell you.  Not the greatest marketing.

Verdict? Not for me, but not a bad product.


Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance (sample)

This is described as a fruity, flirty fragrance – which I’ll agree with, it had a strong hint of pears, maybe? when I first smelled it.  I liked it, although I’m not really a perfume person in general. However, on my skin it didn’t smell as good – still not bad, but more perfume-like and less fruity.

Verdict?  I could see buying this as a gift, though, if I knew someone who liked it – $42 for 2oz.


Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick (full size) – Audition

This lipstick was high-quality, and I liked the way it felt on my lips – it was smooth and had some moisture, but wasn’t sticky.  It also didn’t taste very artificial, like some brands I’ve tried.  The color was fairly neutral, but a little warmer than I usually wear – not bad on me, just not the best.  I’m sure they have a color in their line that would suit me better, though.  At $15, this lipstick is less expensive than department store brands, which is nice.

Verdict? If I can find it some place where I can see the colors in person, I might look into getting this brand in another color.

myglam Concealer Brush & Defining Eyeliner Brush

These are actually pretty nice brushes, and I’m a sucker for makeup brushes.  But you can’t buy them, so I’m not sure what benefit my review has for the general public.

I’m wondering if you stay subscribed for some time, do you get the whole set?  Do they repeat?  I’m not sure. At any rate, they are fun to play with.


In general, I don’t think this was my favorite beauty bag, but it may have been because some of the samples weren’t really things I use.  I’ll review the others, and let you know which one I decide to stick with!