100 random things about me (only 1/3 complete):

  1. I consider myself a Mississippi girl, though I’m stuck in Texas right now.
  2. I’m married to a sweet man, who takes good care of me and our kids.
  3. I have two children – Brianna is three and Benjamin is one and a half.
  4. I work for Halliburton, doing usability and interface/interaction design.
  5. I kind of love my job.
  6. Chad’s job is way cooler than mine, though (he trains astronauts.  I know, right?).
  7. My commute, for Houston natives, isn’t that bad, but I kind of hate it.  I spend 2+ hours in the car, every single day.
  8. I went to Mississippi State University, and would move back there in an instant if I could.
  9. I changed majors twice, but still managed to graduate in 5 years.
  10. And then I decided to go to more school, and got a Masters.
  11. I attended Rice for a year, and started a PhD program.
  12. I’m not actually intending on going back for a PhD, ever, at this point. (well, maybe someday).
  13. I love almost all kinds of music.
  14. A great deal of my music is not entirely kid-appropriate. Which I’m discovering more every day.
  15. To combat this, I listen to KSBJ (the local Christian station) a lot.  I kind of love it, too.
  16. Chad and I have a Temperpedic bed, and I love it.
  17. I hate sleeping alone.
  18. I spend a lot of time tired.
  19. I have no idea how normal people keep house. I just kind of fake it and hope it’s good enough (sometimes it is, sometimes no).
  20. Some days, I fantasize about running away to Mexico and not telling anyone. Or maybe just Chad.
  21. I drive a hybrid Ford Escape, but I call it the Ess-Cahp-Aye! Because that’s more fun.
  22. I am really the last person I expected to drive a hybrid, but I love the gas savings.  And that I’m finally (almost) as big as the other cars on the road in Texas.
  23. Despite setting out to avoid white cars the last two times I went car shopping, I am now driving my third white vehicle. In a row. This bugged me when I was on white car #2, but now it’s just funny.
  24. I base far too many parenting decisions on the fact that I don’t want to be THAT mom.
  25. I was home schooled for 12 years.
  26. I am not choosing to home school my own children (although I’m supportive of people who do choose that, and open to the idea if our situation changes).
  27. I’m kind of terrified of elementary school teachers/schools.
  28. My kids are in daycare, but elementary school seems so much bigger and scarier to me.
  29. Chad has forbidden me from teaching out children that zebras say “Crack-a-lack-in!” per Madagascar.
  30. I am always looking for the one thing (product, system, etc) that will make me organized and make my life easy.
  31. I haven’t found it yet.
  32. I’ve spent a ton of money at Ikea and Target trying to find it, though.
  33. Chad has also forbidden me from teaching the children that electrons are blue and wear red shorts, per my dad.

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