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Things I Love Thursday: Sun Catcher Paint Pens

  • Posted on May 10, 2012 at 7:52 am

Brianna loves crafts.  I mean, loves. Them. Seriously.  And I… love not making a mess.  But! I want her to have fun, and to be able to make things for other people, which she loves to do.

So I do a fair amount of shopping at Oriental Trading Company.  They have a ton of craft kits and supplies for little ones, and Brianna has loved everything we’ve tried from them (and so have my Cubbies at church!).  Their prices are reasonable, and other than having to buy sets of kits, and paying shipping, we’ve had little problems with them

But my latest find is these:

Marvelous Sun Catcher Paint Pens

That’s right.  Sun Catcher PENS.  Brianna can now paint sun catchers, using these great squeeze pens. Sometimes, she goes overboard and overfills a section, or gets paint on her hands, but – for the most part – these things are way less mess than regular paint and brushes.

Brianna loves these.  And uses them every chance she gets.  I actually had to go out and buy her more sun catchers to paint!  And I love that she can make things, and have fun, without creating a mess that takes all night to clean up.

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Disclaimer: I didn’t get anything for posting this, free products or otherwise.  I just really like these pens!