Spring 2012 New Beauty Tube Review

  • Posted on May 13, 2012 at 9:24 am

So here’s my review of the products that were in the New Beauty Test Tube for Spring 2012.

First, the disclaimer: I purchased the test tube myself, and while I was encouraged to share my opinions of the products with friends and family and online, I was not provided any extra products or incentives for doing so. But this post does include Amazon affiliate links.  Alright, on to the products!

NeoStrata® Skin Active Cellular Restoration
(sample size)

I was eager to try this, as my skin has been looking a little dull lately, and I was looking for something to counteract that. When I first used it, I noticed it smells very chemically – almost like the chemicals you use when getting a perm. But the smell only lasted a minute, and the product seemed to soak into my skin fairly well, not leaving any greasy feeling.  After two days, I could see a little improvement in my skin, so at least it is doing something.

Verdict? I don’t know if I will buy the full-sized product when I run out, though – it’s fairly pricey (list price: $79 for 1.75 oz) and the chemical smell was a real turn off.


Mally® Evercolor Shadow Stick – Platinum (full size)

I adore this!  I had tried similar products from less expensive product lines (CoverGirl, etc), and was never pleased with how they blended, or how they stayed on during the day.  But the Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick was amazing – I could put it on, and had time to bend with other colors or lighten it up before it set.  Once it set, it was there for the whole day, no creases or anything like that. The color is build-able for a really dramatic look, but I am able to put it on light enough to wear to the office.  The sticks come in a variety of colors, as well.  It is a little pricier than the brand I had been using (list price: $25), but looks like it is totally worth it.

Verdict? I will probably be buying at least one more color of this (probably violet!) as soon as I have money in my cosmetics budget!


Moroccanoil® Frizz Control (full size)

I have to say, this was the product I was most anxious to try, and probably the one I tested most thoroughly.  I mean, I have amazingly frizzy hair, and I live in constant humidity.  The instructions said it worked best when used alone (ie, no other products.  So, Saturday, I showered and put 4-5 sprays in my hair, combed through to distribute, and “styled as usual” – usual being to scrunch my hair until it curls a bit, and let it air dry (straight hair in Houston humidity? No way).  Annnnd… it was less frizzy than if I had used nothing, but still very frizzy.  More frizzy than my usual mousse and scrunch routine.  But! my hair felt really silky and was shiny – not greasy looking, just healthy shine.And it smelled nice, when I put it on – but didn’t leave an overwhelming scent in my hair, which was nice.

So Monday, I tried the curls again – this time with mousse as well.  Noticeably less frizzy, and still kept that silky feeling and shine. Winner!

I haven’t tried straight hair yet, but may try that this week sometime.  If it can keep out the frizzies when my hair is straight, that is a miracle. :-)

Verdict? I love the way it makes my hair feel, and it does help with the frizz factor.  I’ll have to see how long a bottle lasts to determine if it’s worth the price, though (list price: $32 for 3.4 oz).


Olay® Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex (sample size)

Hey! A brand name I recognize! And the sample size came with a coupon for $3 off!  Yay!

I don’t have a huge problem with wrinkles, honestly.  I mean, I have a few starting, but they are super faint, mostly related to laughs or smiles, and it’s not like they bother me.  But I thought I’d give it a whirl… that’s what this test tube this is all about, right?

The product went on smoothly, didn’t really have a scent at all, and didn’t irritate my skin or make it greasy.  So thoe were all wins.  But after a week?  Honestly, I really can’t tell a difference.  Maybe that’s because I don’t have many wrinkles to fight, or maybe it’s doing something to prevent them, I have no idea.

Verdict?  While I’m all for fighting aging, this product just didn’t do much for me.  I would be willing to try it again, though, if my skin care needs change.  The fact that it can be found in Walmart, and Target is a bonus – and at $28 for 1.7 oz, it’s certainly on the less expensive end of things.


ybf Eye Liner – Plum Noir (full size)

So most of my experience with cosmetics is limited to mass market brands – Cover Girl, Revlon, etc.  A few products from Clinique, but those are few and far between.

That being said, this eyeliner was seriously the best I’ve ever tried.  It was soft enough to leave a good line without tugging or scrubbing, and hard enough to make a good line and not smear.  The color was awesome, too!  Not too dark on me, which can be a problem.  And it came off easily with the different eye make-up removers I tried.

Verdict?  Yes, please.  I’ll probably buy more of this in other colors – and at $14.50, it’s a steal.

Memoire Liquide Soliel Liquide Fragrance & Vacances Liquide Fragrance (sample sizes)

I was totally unsure about these… despite being hung up on smells, I’m typically not one for fancy perfumes.   These claimed to “evoke memories, or create new ones”, and everything was in French, which was odd and makes them sound more expensive I suppose.

The Soliel fragrance claimed to smell like a sunny day.  I liked the smell, it was citrusy and a little outdoorsy (I’m told that’s sandalwood), and very energizing.  It did kind of smell bright like a sunny day – I’m thinking this is due to the citrus.  Overall, very pleasant.

The Vacances fragrance claimed to smell like a vacation, on a beach, on an island.  Sure, I like beaches, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out this smelled – not like salt water, seaweed, and sunscreen, but like coconut, white flowers, and a tiny bit of vanilla.  It was really nice, and sure enough, made me think of cruises and days at the beach.

Both fragrances went on well – not too strong – but dissipated through the day.  I would need to freshen them up if I wanted them to be noticeable for a night out or something, I think.

Verdict? I think I liked the Vacances scent the best, but since I don’t wear fragrance that often, it’s pretty pricey (list price: $95/bottle).  Not sure if I’d buy it for myself, but I might suggest it as a gift or something.


Memoire Liquide Amour Liquid Body Cream (full size)

By the same company as the fragrances above, this body cream is supposed to evoke memories of love.  It smells like vanilla, and something else… but it makes me think of college (I liked vanilla a lot back then).  Which is where I fell in love. So that works, I guess?

The scent is light enough to wear to bed, but very nice.  And the body cream itself is super rich and thick, but doesn’t leave my skin greasy or slimy.  It absorbs very nicely, and leave my skin soft and smooth.  I love this body cream!  I’ve used it mostly on my hands and elbows, as I don’t typically use a lot of lotion anywhere else, and it is divine. This is seriously the best lotion I’ve used in a while, if not ever.

Verdict? At $48 a bottle, I’ll have to consider carefully before I buy some – but I would certainly consider it for a treat once in a while!  I’ll be sad when my current bottle runs out…


SkinCeuticals® Phloretin CF and Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 (sample sizes)

Ok, so the description on these sounded super-sciency to me.  Basically, the Phloretin CF is an antioxident that helps combat your skin’s reaction to the sun, preventing sun damage.  And the Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 – is a sunscreen. So the name of the game here is avoiding sun damage.  I’m all for that.

I tried applying the Phloretin CF to my skin, after washing and moisturizing, and was surprised that it came out of the dropper a little greasy.  It absorbed into my skin quickly, not leaving a greasy feel, but it smelled awful – like canned chicken? Or spam?  Not sure.  Honestly, I didn’t see that it made much difference – but I don’t spend a lot of time outside. The smell was such a turn off, I only used it a couple of times.

The sunscreen, on the other hand, was very nice.  It had a little tint to it, but blended well with my skin tone and went on without making my skin really oily.  my current moisturizer only had SPF 30, so 50 is a step up.  I felt like this protected me from the everyday sun I get – in the car, outside with the kids, etc.  And it didn’t really have a scent at all.

Verdict? No to the Phloretin CF – at $152/bottle, it would be out of my price range even if it didn’t smell like canned meat products. But maybe a yes to the Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 – at $32/bottle, it’s about the same as what I was currently using, and less greasy.  I may be getting more of this soon…


Dr. Brandt pores no more® vacuum cleaner™ blackhead extractor (sample size)

I was sad to find out there is no actual vacuum in this.  However, blackheads and large pores can be a problem for me, so I moved past my disappointment and tried it anyway.

The instructions say to put it on every 2-3 day after cleansing, and let it dry for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off.  I followed the directions exactly – and sure enough, I noticed less blackheads than before.  It didn’t burn my skin or make it really dry, either.  It did have a little bit of a chemical smell, but dissipated quickly as it dried.

Verdict? Given that I saw such good results, I’m certainly tempted to buy more.  At $45 a bottle, though, it is a little more than I usually spend.  I wonder how long it lasts?


Perlier Peach Foam Bath (sample size)

This bath & shower gel was sadly disappointing.  It didn’t have much fragrance at all, and was difficult to lather in my water.  The whiff of peach fragrance I got was nice enough, but it was just a hint, even when I was smelling the minimal lather I managed to get on my skin.It left my skin soft and smooth, but not any more so than many other body wash products I’ve tried.

Verdict?  Probably not.  It’s not that pricey (list price: $15 for 16.9 oz), but I just didn’t like it that much.


Overall, I really enjoyed this beauty test tube, and am looking forward to seeing how other beauty box companies stack up.  Like anything of this sort, there were products I liked and others I didn’t, but it gave me a great way to try things I would have otherwise missed out on.  Since the Test Tube is delivered every 3 months, I have more than enough time to evaluate and cancel if I decide to stick with another company instead.

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