7 Quick Takes

  • Posted on May 11, 2012 at 9:35 am

— 1 —

My kids say some of the cutest things:

Brianna insists on calling polka-dots “poka-nuts”.  I love this, and hope she never grows out of it.

When Benjamin wants to be carried, he reaches his arms up and says “I carry you! I carry you!”

We put the kids in the bath the other night, and Brianna decided she needed to get back out and sit on the potty.  I went to lift her out, and she yelled “Stop!  My feet will leak on the floor!”.   After Chad and I stopped laughing, we got her a towel for her leaky feet.

Brianna was looking for something pink the other day, and kept saying “I can’t find the pink one!”  Benjamin very helpfully brought her a stuffed penguin, saying “Bran-na, here’s the pen-kwin!”  She had no idea what he was talking about.

Benjamin has decided he wants to go to the beach.  He has no idea what the beach is, I don’t think, but he keeps saying “I want to go the BEACH! I can’t see the BEACH” and pulling us to the door. So we might have to make a trip to the beach soon…

Apparently, Brianna was filmed at church for a mother’s day video to be shown to the congregation on Sunday.  I’m a little afraid at what might possibly come out of her mouth, on camera. It’s either going to be adorable, or mortifying.  Probably both.

— 2 —

I need this error code book:

— 3 —

Since I already geeked you out with xkcd, here’s an article that makes me laugh every time.  If a programming language was a boat.  The last picture is the one that kills me.

— 4 —

I actually bought Brianna a scissors workbook this week.  A whole book of paper – that’s designed to be cut up.  That makes me cringe for so many reasons, but she needs the scissor work (per her preschool teacher) and I don’t have time to hunt down 50 print-out sheets on the internet.  But! If you have an pointers for places to go to get print outs, or ways to work on scissor skills, I’m all ears!

— 5 —

This is how I feel at work sometimes.

Luckily, we have a couple of new people coming on board, which should lighten the workload and improve the standards of our apps across the board.  Yay!

— 6 —

I love this:

Actually, if I could fill my house with word art of witty/inspiring quotes, I probably would.  (Etsy will be my downfall, seriously). There are a ton of them that I love, and I don’t seem to have enough walls.

— 7 —

Tonight, courtesy of my neighbors who are trading babysitting with us, I am totally going on a date with my husband>  Not sure if we’ll make to dinner and a movie, or just dinner, but I am really looking forward to it.  It seems like out life is so busy, we seldom have time for just us… it’s nice to take an evening out and be able to eat a meal without cutting up someone else’s food or bringing a diaper bag every now and again.

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