New Beauty Test Tube: Spring 2012

  • Posted on May 5, 2012 at 12:05 pm

So I mentioned the other day that I was trying out some new “beauty box” type services, in order to try some new products and figure out what works for me, etc.  I’ts also kind of a “mommy treat” for me, as I get to try new things and pamper items without spending a whole lot of money and then discovering I don’t like a product.

I’m going to try a few of these services, and stick with the one I like the best.  But the first one I received is the New Beauty Test Tube.  First, a little background.  The Test Tube comes out four times a year, and costs $29.95.  Unlike many of the similar services out there, they do charge for shipping, so figure in another $10 for each shipment – the cost per month evens out to between $13-$14 per month, making it a little more expensive than the others. But! They offer full sized products or deluxe sized samples, so you get a lot for it. And a full sized beauty magazine (which, like Glamor and the like, is mostly ads.  But still).

Here’s what came in the box:

Product guide, magazine, test tube

And here’s all the goodies that were in the tube:

Tons of samples!

First off, I picked a great time to join, apparently, because not only was Kate Beckinsale on the cover of the magazine, one of the full sized products in the tube is something to make hair NOT FRIZZY.  If anyone can test this stuff, it’s me, with my super frizz-ball hair, in Houston, in May. Ha!

I’ll review everything in the tube once I’ve had more of chance to try it out, but I will say that I am initially impressed by most of the stuff in there.  Although the Spa Look gift cards aren’t gift cards per say – more like coupons, because they have a (fairly high) minimum purchase required for each. But, not including those, the tube this season included a full size eyeliner, full-size eye shadow stick, full-size lotion, full-size hair care product, deluxe sample sizes (some of which are very generous) of four different face products, and two small sample size fragrances (which still amount to several uses each).  Looking around, the retail value of just the full sized products is over $95 -so it’s a pretty good deal (acknowledging the fact that I never would have paid full price for all of these things without trying them).

So!  Look for reviews, coming in the next few days as I use the products more!

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