Five Minute Friday: Together

  • Posted on April 20, 2012 at 8:43 am

On Fridays, Gypsy Mama holds a blog carnival where we all stop and write for five minutes – no editing, no over-thinking, just write. Care to join us?

This week’s topic is: Together

They are amazing together.  Sure, there are moments when they fight over a toy, or push and shove or are unkind, but for the most part – they are amazing.  They love each other so much. Brianna will hold Benjamin’s hand, share her snacks with him, or help him with different toys.  They pray together at night.  They chase each other, playing games I don’t understand, and filling my house with laughter.  So much laughter.  Benjamin can say her name now, and he calls her all the time – “Bran-na! Bran-na!”.  They love playing together and being together, and – as I hoped when I found out they would be so close in age – Brianna doesn’t ever remember not having a little brother. They protect each other and cheer each other on, and delight in each others accomplishments (Brianna is anxiously awaiting Benjamin’s “big boy bed” so he can be like her).

I hope they are always like this – happy, friends, together.

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